Another Space in Time - Richard Bunning Another Space in Time, Returns - Richard Bunning Alexander the Great- adapted from the play of Jean Racine - Richard Bunning Esther and Athaliah: Two Plays Adapted from Those of Jean Racine - Richard Bunning Suitors and Wasps, adapted from plays by Racine and Aristophanes - Richard Bunning Understanding Women: (A Guide for Male Survival) - Mr. Michael R Jennings, Jody E. Lebel, Richard Bunning Giant Tales From The Misty Swamp - Heather Marie Schuldt, Sylvia Stein, Heather Marie Schuldt, Oliver Dolan, Randy Dutton, Gail Harkins, Janet Bond, Colleen Sayre, Scott Amis, Andy Lake, Jenise Erikson, Mike Boggia, Douglas G. Clarke, Laura Stafford, Kristen Strassell, Jot Russell, Richard Bunning, Alli Va Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors: 1 (Giant Tales 3-Minute Stories) - Heather Marie Schuldt

Blogging from me is about helping open the world of independent writers. Obviously, I am first and foremost in my list of concerns. 

Most of my reviews for self-published books are on my site-


I have varying degrees of involvement with Awesome Indies, BRAG, Bookpleasures and IndiePENdents.


My own writing is now mostly centred around 'Speculative Fiction', though far from exclusively so. My latest endeavour being the very unbookish and quite frankly cynical attempt to get on the money making machine. It is a joke/gift book for anyone to give to the impossible to buy for male. There is very little content of any sort. 


The rest of my portfolio is value for money, quality reading. Well, that is my opinion. The anthologies wont please anyone all of the time, but that is more or less true of any such collection of different pieces. Most of all I like being read, so direct asks for free books work about 99% of the time! 


If you are kind enough to follow this blog I promise to try avoiding bogging you down with dumps of information that get passed around like common colds. There is far too many bogs in the webscape already.


If you like the idea of finding new authors, sometimes with really new ways, then please look at my Weebly site as well as following me here.


Kind Regards, Richard Bunning





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