A read packed with energy and pace, like an action thriller film that puts plausibility in second place to high adrenaline entertainment. I had little sympathy for the main character, a hormonally overloaded scum bag who is a thug first and an investigator second. I don't think we are meant to have any. The book is exciting escapism that provides the thrills of the screen or video game while allowing the freedom of imagination allowed by the written word.
Grammar fiends will be disturbed, as will those who expect a perfect line edit; but that said, this book does what it sets out to do in a very readable style. If the episodic nature of the violence and sex become predictable that is only because these activities are so true to the appropriately drawn set of characters. The script is definitely tongue-in-cheek, never even nodding to plausibility, and very amusing at times. The whole plot is outrageously ridiculous, which I'm sure is exactly as was intended.
This is a good quick read that entertains while demanding nothing but the suspension of belief. The plot didn't need, and certainly wasn't improved by the principle character being sexually aroused by his sister. The bulge in his pants could have been aimed in plenty of more morally mainstream directions. I felt that Sorce generated plenty of worrying psychological traits in Vincent without having to take us to quite such a socially dangerous place. A characteristic like always sucking Tootsie Roll Pops, or never missing Sunday dinner with his mother, would have rounded his character well enough.
My only other concern is with the cover of the version I read, with gavel and weighing scales, suggests a serious justice system based crime read. This is anything but. This is all guns and gonads.