From page one we are drawn into the strange psychologically disturbed world of Jonathan, a man deeply in love with his wife. Despite this it appeared for a hanging period of time that he was even going to fail to say his marriage vows. Maria adores Jonathan. She has to as he is seems to be avoiding close moments. She has had her problems as well, being helped by the therapist who subsequently struggles to help Jonathan. Would you know it, the Doctor has her own bag of problems. A lot of ghost need exorcism and one character is possibly beyond all help in this present life.

     This is a really well written psychological thriller with deeply drawn and convincing main characters. I read the book in a day, which for me a slow pedantic reader, is most unusual. This alone well demonstrates the books quality, shortish though it is. The overriding message in the book for me, not that Davis really tries to build one, is that the flaws we see demonstrated by those around us are often not the ones that should be of greatest concern. Real lunacy often has a disarming smile, whilst 'the lunatic on the grass', ie not obeying societies rules, is so often harmless, to others if not to the self.

     Davis is a quality writer and this is a very compelling and literary read. I have no idea as to whether an academic psychologist would be convinced by all the mix, but I certainly was. I will be reading other works by this author…. Yes, I really must find the time.