Only e book - paperback to follow.

     Spiders have enslaved man. We are in the future, in a book dictated to 'the scribe' by a time-lord, one Orlando Oversight. This book appears now, a couple of hundred years ahead of the events it depicts, as like all science fiction it needs to prepare mankind to face his future. Nature provided two highly advanced sentient species to the Lush System, the spider-like Aranians and decapodal Cheetan that looks not so dissimilar to a louse. Both creatures are bigger and stronger than even the strongest of humans.


     Now, the Lush system has a large population of humans, harvested from Earth. Homo sapiens, along with other Earth species provide the spiders with meat. Humans also provide a vast amount of the labour. Possibly all is not lost for the humans, or yeng as they are there called. Possibly a fighter that has borrowed the name of the legendary Spartacus can lead humankind to a new 'promised land'.


     A giant Arcraft is being built to carry all three sentient species on a vast voyage across space to find fresh pastures. But exactly who or what may be aboard is unclear. This adventure starts in philosophy and science, runs through blood, passion, love and hate towards an adventurous end, which just may be a new beginning. This isn't horror, although ones own mind may paint horrific scenes, this isn't paranormal, though hardly normal. This is speculative future history, which in all probability will be one day happen almost exactly as you read it.