This is an exciting fiction thriller, set in real life, real time events. The book has an important sub-text that explores the collapse of social norms in a population under extremes of stress. The backdrop to the plot is the catastrophic environmental disaster inflicted on the City of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.

This is a classic modern thriller read, with the expected adrenaline surges sure to hit most readers at the end of every chapter. There are also many of the twists common to the 'Whodunit' genre, in this story that centres on paedophilia, depravity, the treatment of the old, the struggles of the poor and corruption in high and low places.

Extra poignancy is given to the plot by the author's personal life experiences in and around the streets of that most exotic of cities. The great many real characters on which Findorff has based his fictional ones have helped him weave such an exciting and disturbing story. This work is less scary in a bloodthirsty sense than his last work, 'Unhinged', but feels even more real, grittier, closer to the pulse of life on the edge.

Well written though less than perfectly edited, top of the pile drama. Findorff is one of the new stars in the million strong army of previously suppressed independent writers. I hope there are many more Findorff fictions to come. The editing knocks off a half-star: the story is five star.